Hey Ladies, to build my client closet as quickly as possible I will be offering client closet

building sessions. What does this mean? It means that you will receive either 50% off or a

completely free 1hr session if you purchase one of the dresses from my client closet wish list. You

will get to wear a brand new dress in the perfect size for you and at the end of the session, I will

keep the dress to place into the client closet.


- Receipt must be kept to show proof of purchase and dress must be new with tag kept

intact at the start of the session

- Two images from the session must be allowed to be used on my social media to

advertise the dress

- Email sent to myself prior to purchase to ensure the size and dress you’re purchasing

hasn’t already been purchased by someone else!

- Any damage to the dress will incur a forfeit to the discounted session

Wish List for 50% Off Your Session

Coven and Co

Stevie Robe


Coven and Co

True Romance Gown


Coven and Co

Pirate Queen Gown



Lola Frill Maxi Dress


Daughters of India

Eta Dress


Daughters of India

Kyra Midi Dress


Hazel and Folk

The Melody Maxi Dress


Hazel and Folk

The Emmaline Gown


Wish List for a Completely Free 1hr Session

Coven and Co

Lover Gown


Behind the Seams

Metallic Medellin Dress


Chasing Unicorns

Come Together Cutwork Embroidery


Chasing Unicorns

Magnolia Cutwork Embroidered